Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creative Wedding Gift

A friend called us recently because he wanted a unique gift to take to a wedding shower.  So we told him we would come up with something and get back to him... and we did! This is the first time we've ever done a frame like this and we are pretty excited about it! It turned out really well.

We put our picture in it just to take pictures of it, haha!

This frame can be made using any colors and any letter!

It looks good on a stand too.

This frame could be done horizontally as well, or it could have a 4x6" picture instead.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's been going on... and what's next?

Hey everyone! Happy New Year from J&A! 

We hope you had a great holiday and you are ready for 2011! We just wanted to update you on some things we worked on before Christmas- both orders and presents we made for family and friends. And we wanted to update you on what's next for J&A.

This is a really cool frame we did for a friend... just so you know, we can customize a frame for you with a phrase like this one!

This is one of the first windows we did with brown mattes. It's one of our favorites.

Aqua frame with floral matte.

Brown frame with floral matte.

Four pane window with brown mattes.

French blue frame with yellow and blue floral matte. This one was for Jonathan's mom for Christmas!

Avocado frame with brown mattes- this one holds 2 5x7's. This one was for Anna's grandparents for Christmas!

So... what's next for J&A? Now that we are done with holiday orders... we are taking a short break, ha! But we will be getting started within the next week! We are going to:

-Start building our inventory so that we can have items on our online store, as well as get ready for some events we plan on selling our items at this spring (more on that later)! 

-We also plan to add some new items to our product line- and we think you're going to like them! We'll be experimenting with some different types of frames; we have some old items we will be repurposing, and we are also will be trying out some new home accessories! 

-And of course... we are available to do a custom order for you! If you are in need of a cool new frame for your home, we can make it; OR if you want to give a unique gift (birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, etc. etc. etc.) we can do it! So... stay tuned and please contact us if you want us to make something for you! 

Thanks to all of you that have already supported us- shop with us again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey everyone!

We're so glad you're visiting our blog. We hope to update it often with new ideas, projects, news from J&A Designs and more!

The holidays are quickly approaching! We're working on several orders, but we have room for a few more, so PLEASE contact us by December 1st if you are interested in a specific item you want by Christmas!

In other holiday news... we're having an after-Thanksgiving day sale! We're not giving any details yet, but know that the majority of the items on the J&A Designs online store will be on sale!

Christmas frames like the one below will be one of the many items marked down! So watch our Facebook page, blog and online store for details! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey!